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The Capital Property List is designed to save buyers of residential property both time and money. We are in daily contact with agents, private vendors and auctioneers in order to establish a list of competitively priced properties in all areas of London.

We have built up links with Companies that offer repossessions to the market, properties reduced in price, properties for rental investment and those needing work. We also include suitable properties being sold at London Auctions.

Composition The Capital Property List includes four principal types of property for sale. All properties are in the London area. We specialise in the London postcodes only.


Cheaper and "reduced for quick sale" properties from agents and private sellers. We are in regular contacts with agents and private sellers in all areas.


Repossessions Properties recovered by banks or building societies when mortgages or other debts remain unpaid.


Properties in need of work Some needing a small amount of updating (more suitable for an end-user), and others requiring complete refurbishment (more suitable for builders or developers).


Rental Investments We search for properties which will give the best possible percentage returns for your investment.

100's of properties, ALL AREAS, ALL PRICES
The list changes continuously as some properties are sold and others come on to the market. The list is published daily to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information and contains hundreds of properties throughout the London postcodes.

Easy-to-use format The list is divided into sections for Studios + 1 Beds, 2 Beds, and 3 or more Beds. Within each section the properties are listed by area and have details of property type, price, number of bedrooms, freehold/leasehold, a description and contact telephone numbers of the vendor, agent or auctioneer. You simply call them direct to arrange viewings.


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